Founded at the FHNW



Companies founded by students or employees of universities are often among the most innovative and, judging by their longevity, amongst the most successful. The exhibition "Founded at the FHNW" begins on October 18, 2018 in Brugg. It presents up coming founders from various faculties of the FHNW. In the prelude to the exhibition, questions relating to founding will also be addressed at the universities of applied sciences.


Knowledge gained during studies or in research & development at universities of applied sciences can be used in a variety ofways. The establishment of a company is of particular importance. In the past, it was mainly technology and IT experts who founded a company on the basis of their research at universities. Today, artistic and social innovations, or start-ups in the field of health and environment, enrich and provide solutions for important contemporary problems in the long term. Furthermore, more and more women are also now becoming successful founders!


In order for start-up activities to become an option for employees and students, they need the support of the universities of applied sciences. Specific training, counselling offers and organisational requirements are not the only things necessar. Specific forms of recognition and a "start-up culture" must also be developed in which men, women and students, as well as employees of different nationalities and disciplines can participate. The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) is therefore playing a pioneering role throughout Switzerland, with the Swiss Start-Up Challenge.